19 September 2012

You let your mind out somewhere down the road

A text with my morning coffee:

The son: I have to work the Saturday you're here. If I can figure out a way to trade the hours, I will.

Me: No no no. Not if it's a hassle and you risk losing hours (and dollars). I wouldn't ask that of you. No worries, I can entertain myself.

The son: I don't want to punish you for making the effort to come out and see me!

Me: Don't stress about it. I'll go sit in a bar and pick up spies until you're done. The we can go have dinner! (without the spies)

The son: 'Pick up spies'? Please. What spy would be good enough for your discerning tastes? They're all greasy and shifty-looking. You wouldn't like them at all.

Me: Or! I'll shoot up to Philly after Saturday lunch, see Rush, and be back in time for Sunday brunch!

While unlikely, it would be far better than spies.

Go listen to some good music: "Don't Bring Me Down" from the album Discovery by Electric Light Orchestra.

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