27 August 2012

But listen closely

He had to be at a mandatory orientation event at 4 pm. It was time to say goodbye.

I hugged him tight and whispered in his ear, "Whatever you need, I am here."

"Don't cry," he said under his breath, his voice cracking.

"I never cry," I told him fiercely and let him go so the rest of the family could say goodbye.

And I didn't until about a half-hour later when a Jesuit in the parent session started talking about leave-taking.

It was just enough to mess up my mascara.


Friday was a long day of flying, then a frantic scramble to the dorm with fully-loaded suitcases. Saturday was more of the same: picking up cards and setting up accounts; finding a hardware store to acquire necessary bits and pieces to keep the upper bunk from falling on the roommate in the middle of the night; hauling the empty suitcases back to the hotel.

Saying goodbye.

I left National at the crack of dawn Sunday.


This morning, quite literally the moment I stepped into the kitchen to get my first cup of coffee, my cell phone buzzed insistently, signalling an incoming text.

"Mom," it read. "Know where I might find some Q-Tips?"

Go listen to some amusing music: "Time Warp" from the album The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture).

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