31 May 2012

Some things are pure and some things are right

Tonight, my firstborn graduated high school.

I read those words again, and it doesn't even seem possible. At the same time, I think it was all said and done in our heads when his first-choice college accepted him.

I was not anxious to attend the ceremony. There are years of history in this blog to account for that.  But it was both amusing and gratifying to see that somehow the school got movie critic and author Leonard Maltin as a speaker, and his message was letter perfect: follow your heart and your passions.

He told the story of how his passion for movies led to his first publishing contract at the age of 17, how doing what he loved kept him on the path that provided gainful and enjoyable employment, a fulfilling life.

His words sounded really familiar.

I keep telling myself that I've done what I can. I say aloud that my work is done here. The words sound right when I hear them.

It's up to the son now.

Go listen to some good music: "Month of May" from the album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.

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