24 April 2012

I can feel it in my fingers

Shooting emails back and forth with D. today, I felt a frisson of excitement that I haven't felt for awhile.

About damn time.

Yesterday, I wrote a large check and, full stop, put an end to speculation, query and search. That is done. In a few months, I will have kids on both coasts. Thus, I will become bicoastal. No one, apparently, sees this coming.

I never fail in long-range planning.

It takes me time, but eventually, I shift from focusing on "can't" to "hell, yeah, still can." So, I can't ride an inflatable around the Channel Islands to shoot photos of birds. There's plenty of other trouble I can get into.

And will.

I'm young yet. There's time.

Go listen to some good music: "The Weight of Love" from the album Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol. Tomorrow, a real post (maybe). And Blogger, damn them, has introduced a new interface, which I hate, so I'm hoping for no formatting errors. Five minutes later: oh yeah, formatting errors up the wazoo. And I wonder why I'm reluctant to post...

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