14 January 2012

You love the little signs of life

They are a law unto themselves

The clock flipped from 11:59 December 31 to 12:00 January 1 and something did happen.

I can't explain how this all works.

But I feel it.

And I got really busy. So busy, in fact, that the entire family's schedule currently hinges on an emailed scheduled.

Last year, I broke. This year, the bonds broke.

I can't explain it.

But this is how it is.

It's a wild wind that blows (and the winds have blown the last few months), and I see the cracks of light as doors and windows seem to open everywhere. Change is here--welcome change and other change--and change will come. I love some of it; other I could do without, but I'll run with it all.

I can see it come for miles

I am plotting. We know that good mischief tends to follow. Or, at the least, that things get interesting. I have plans. Whether or not my body plans to follow along is anyone's guess, but I know how to get where I'm going.

I can't explain the road I'm on.

But I welcome it.

A new empire beckons

Go listen to some music: "The Weight of Love" from the album Fallen Empires by Snow Patrol. Thank God someone is putting out new music.

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