04 January 2012

Where I belong

I toyed with the idea of blogging every day in 2012, and look! It's already January 4. So much for that misbegotten idea.

I'm still figuring out my world's schedule. I've still got a kid at home on break. This two different school calendars is a little wearing because I've now had a kid at home for three weeks straight. They may be teenagers but they still want my attention. Like all the time. Except when they don't.

And yesterday, after the son got home from school, he and his sister went on this music-buying binge. Since my computer is iTunes Central and the house server and backs up the world, it's all been downloaded to my account. The son has developed a taste for Celtic music along with stuff that sounds astonishingly like 1970s TV series themes, while the daughter headed east and is now listening to a Spanish band.

I love my life.

Go listen to some music: "Where I Belong" from the album Across Acheron by Adrian von Ziegler. Obviously not the 1970s TV theme music...

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