24 October 2011

Someone left a cake out in the rain

Not that it was raining. Or that I baked a cake.

But it was something of a perfect autumn day, so I did bake bread. And cookies. I needed both for lunches and didn't have time for the grocery. Bread is one of those things I can do in my sleep. And as the daughter's Health teacher is putting a huge emphasis on nutrition, she's getting increasingly picky about food stuff, so a good loaf of hearty, fiber-rich, additive-free bread seemed like a good thing. On the drive home last week, I was subjected to 20 questions about my knowledge of animal husbandry.

The daughter, outraged: "Did you know they stuff chickens in these tiny little cages and they can't move?"

Me: "Did you know they stuff your stuffed chickens with arsenic?"

The daughter: "They do? And you buy them?"

Me: "I most assuredly do not buy arsenic-laced chicken."

She also came home filled with indignation over McDonalds (I can't remember the last time we had McDonalds. About the only fast food I'll agree to is Chipotle and that happens about once every six months. Did I mention that I cook? A lot? To the tune of about 20 meals per week? Okay, occasionally I cheat and have Amy's Cheese Enchiladas for lunch because they are really close to the ones I make and I don't have to make dozens just to satisfy my enchilada craving).

The teacher talked about why corn-fed stuff isn't the best nutritional choice.

Then I explained GMO crops to her.

Nothing like throwing a little fuel on the fire.

Never have that recipe again.

Go listen to some music: "MacArthur Park" from the album The Journey: the Very Best of Donna Summer by Donna Summer. I do rather enjoy the histrionics of this version of the song. And the daughter's indignation was rather wonderful because she was so very indignant. At least she's thinking.

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