07 October 2011

Here I hide in the heart of the city

Remember what I said about an American Autumn?

Well, the Occupy (insert major city) movement is starting to look just like that.

We had to explain to the kids exactly what's going on, but yesterday, I was at the airport, reading about Occupy (insert major city).

And, of course, the son and I are traveling.

"Hey, kid," I said to him. "Guess where we're going tomorrow."

"Oh god," he said, quietly. "You are going to get me arrested."

(This was before today's info session when he learned about two students of the institution we visited and how they got arrested...by the FBI. With job offers following.)

He shares more than just my DNA.

Go listen to some good music: "Presto" from the album Presto by Rush. I let the boy pick the title. I'm becoming increasingly protective of the son as he is in the application process, and no, I don't plan to get him arrested...

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