04 October 2011

And the sky is grey

The son: "It's raining."

Me: "No way."

The son: "Yeah, it's coming down pretty hard."

Me: "No way. It's not even supposed to rain until tomorrow."

I peer out the kitchen window and in the pre-dawn gloom, ascertain that it is, indeed, pouring.

Me, sighing: "Alright. We'll need to leave five minutes early."

The son, hopefully: "We could walk."

Me: "You'll get soaked."

The son: "We have umbrellas."

Me: "Dude! The skies have opened."

The son: "I don't mind."

Me: "Your hair."

The son: "I'll be ready to go five minutes early..."

Go listen to some good music: "California Dreamin'" from the album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears by The Mamas & The Papas. Winter has arrived for the moment. What's wild is that it will be considerably warmer in Chicago than it will be here.

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