27 September 2011

Find our way home

Today, the daughter took a stab at a difficult problem in her Algebra II class. Evidently, a couple of other kids had tried, but weren't successful in solving it. She offered up her solution, and another student, a boy she has characterized as a bit of a smart alec, challenged her solution, so she explained why hers would work, evidently in a cheerful and matter-of-fact sort of way. When she finished, the rest of her classmates broke out in spontaneous applause.

The daughter was taken aback (but really pleased), while the teacher called, "Wait, wait! I haven't even told you if it was the right answer."

Of course, it was.

Sometimes, the son and daughter are in competition with one another in ways that I can't even begin to fathom. It turns out that the son has nursed a bit of a grudge about the New York trip the daughter and I took together, even though he had the opportunity to go to New York his eighth grade year, and again this summer.

Of course, I didn't take him to see Wicked.

In any event, he evidently sees this upcoming Chicago trip as Revenge of the Son, except he sort of feels as though I'm not taking him quite so nice a place (s'ok, I don't get it either), and that I owe him a show. (!!! Where does he come up with these ideas? Especially since I've made arrangements for him to see Wicked at the holidays!) Naturally, we'll be hitting Chicago during an entertainment lull--everything is either this weekend or after we've left. I'll figure something out.

And the daughter seems a bit down that she's going to school, not Chicago.

There is no winning this.

Go listen to some good music: "Find Our Way Home" from the album The Christmas Attic by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. There is no perfect school. I know this. But so far, the daughter seems to be making a clean transition into her new environs, and her teachers evidently enjoy her. Worth noting that she'd one of the youngest in that math class.

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