10 August 2011

Letter never sent

(Whoops! A good reason not to blog when tired. Bad .html. Sorry about that. All better now.)

It's a balancing act between grumpy and...something.

As some have figured out, the party right now is at the photo blog, When All This Actual Life Played Out, mostly because it doesn't take much thought to post a photo, and I don't have to say much. Even though I'm not traveling at the moment--at least not until early October when I take the son to Chicago and leave the rest of the family to their own devices here--my life has become some sort of endless Rube Goldberg machine, between work stuff, the daughter starting back to school (less than two weeks. How did that happen?) and helping the son to negotiate the actual college application process (first one went out today...).

And of course, in between, there's the eighteen loads of laundry, the grocery shopping that requires 4 stores and the actual making of meals.

(Tonight, tandoori-marinated chicken, spiced green beans, naan and roasted nectarines for dessert.)

And I'm avoiding saying much, because I really haven't much to say, and would prefer not to just sort of blather. Like I am now.

It was a gorgeous sort of day today, warm and breezy. Nothing like August is meant to be. But yes, I'll take it. Thank you.

Go listen to some good music: "Letter Never Sent" from the album Reckoning by REM. Summer music, even if completely random. Dreams have been crazy vivid: empty arenas that shrink to empty auditoriums. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Not only do I not wait well, I don't want to spend my life waiting. I've done enough of that. Then there was the one with a hotel room that strangers suddenly barged into, announcing they were sharing it with me. Which precipitated quite the outburst from yours truly... I'm not tense or anything.

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