05 August 2011

I get around


And I don't mean a hotel.

The final tally: Washington, D.C.; Maryland; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; Connecticut; Massachusetts; Vermont; New Hampshire; Maine (for a lobster roll, not a school); Rhode Island; and New York. In between scheduled visits to eight different campuses, we hit a baseball game, two battlefields, and spent an entire day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a 1/2 day at the American Museum of Natural History (which, sadly, was a disappointment). The spouse, daughter and to a lesser extent, I, also spent several hours in the Peabody Museum. Then there was Salem, which was a travesty. The travel arrangements were nothing short of an engineering feat: moving four people in various directions at different times in planes, trains (including subways), and automobiles, and on foot. The spouse joined us belatedly; we'd already survived Georgetown, which was an ordeal because of the extreme heat.

I am remarkably grateful to be back.

Go listen to some music: "I Get Around" from the album All Summer Long by The Beach Boys. Sleep...NOW!

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