24 July 2011

You are not me

The son, the daughter and I are in Washington, DC, not exactly rejoicing in a record-breaking heatwave. The spouse is silently smirking at home where it is 30 degrees cooler.

Okay, maybe 25.

In any event, the son was touring Georgetown U. on Friday and the heat index was 115. I've never actually been able to wring water from my clothing when it wasn't raining. I did on Friday.

But Georgetown!

It's a small joke in our house. It was my first choice school when I was looking. But then I found a new first choice school where I was accepted Early Decision, and where I met the spouse. My family was pretty unhappy that I ultimately didn't even apply to Georgetown. That decision changed the course of my life as these things will. And as I pointed out to the kids, they wouldn't exist if I'd gone to another school.

"Or we'd be grievously deformed!" cried the daughter. Not sure where she got that idea...

Anyway, the son really liked Georgetown a lot. I could see the wheels turning as the various presenters spoke, and he appeared very interested in some of their more specialized majors. I'd be happy if he decided to apply there because we've got a good familial support system in the area. Ultimately, it's so important to me that he find the campus where he can see himself.

But again I was struck with the strangeness of my child standing on the same campus where I'd stood at 17...

...in the middle of a record-breaking snowstorm.

Go listen to some good music: "Arlandria" from the album Wasting Light by Foo Fighters.

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