03 July 2011

Summertime when the weather is hot

...And it has been hot. And humid.

Today, we shopped at the grocery (early), gardened (early) and cooked for tomorrow's festivities. I've made hummus and a huge bowl of southern-style potato salad so far. I harvested lemons from the my Eureka lemon tree and made lemon martinis (bad idea) and juiced more for lemon meringue pie (which I will make tomorrow. Good idea).

The lemon martinis made me way too happy.

I left an enormous bag of lemons on the front walk--the norm around here. When someone has too much produce from the garden, we leave it for anyone who wants it. And in this way, I end up with zucchini and pomegranates and other summer delights. The bag was almost immediately snatched up by one of my neighbors. I would guess that someone is planning to make lemonade.

Or something.

It was hot and humid, and the baseball game played in the background while I cooked and drank martinis. The Angels beat the Dodgers. The Angels have been terrible this year. The Dodgers have been worse. It's hard not to feel sorry for the latter, given the terrible turmoil the team has been forced into.

The son is playing a text-based RPG that I played at his age, on a dumb terminal, without the benefit of walkthroughs. Silly child. It was free in those days.

The daughter came out and chopped celery for the potato salad and ate the green pepper almost as fast as I could cut it. Some green pepper actually did make it into the salad.

Tomorrow is the Fourth, a gala day in the neighborhood. It will be hot. And humid. There will be neighbors and pancakes in the morning, and chaos throughout the rest of the day.

I still have at least 20 lbs of lemons on my lemon tree. That will make a lot of lemon martinis.

Go listen to some music: "In the Summertime" from the album Electronically Tested by Mungo Jerry. The lemon martinis are better than any sort of lemonade...but that's the martinis talking.


Deb S said...

You are standing west of an open field, facing a white house . . . .

guerrilla girl said...

...and it was still called "Dungeon!"