04 July 2011

Raising a flag

(Trust me, the song choice has nothing to do with anything. I had no failsafe today...it was all fail.)

I rose early to make pie. Lemon meringue is my father-in-law's favorite. No one ever makes it for him.

You would think, however, that I would stick with the recipe I've used in the past. No. I had to get fancy.

It started with the crust. The crust was a known quantity. The first crust collapsed during baking. The second crust tried, but I was waiting, and salvaged it.


So, I made the custard. Not a big thing, really. Not much more difficult than stirring a pudding.


Worst recipe ever. Not only did the custard not set (made to the letter according to the recipe, which was my first mistake. I never follow recipes verbatim), it had a nasty cornstarch flavor to it. I will admit that the meringue was very good, but I used to make meringue cookies for fun. I don't mind standing there beating egg whites and sugar until everything is all shiny and makes good peaks, which is to say, when the cows come home. Really, a good meringue takes time.

So, after hours of chilling, I went to serve the pie. Nope. It was crust and meringue and lemon soup. Urgh.

So much for that idea.

(But the blueberry cobbler I made was pretty and tasty. So there was that.)

Go listen to some good music: "Failsafe" from the album Challengers by The New P*rnographers.

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