08 July 2011

Private eyes

I am currently on my high horse, so if you're not in the mood, you can go look at a nice picture of the ocean on When All This Actual Life Played Out. Otherwise, feel free to stick around.


Well, I've started a huge diatribe about social media and my dislike thereof (all of which is aimed at this change that a certain search provider/software company is implenting in its profiles. Because I happen to use a lot of this company's products. And I'm not happy with the direction this is moving. Less happy that I may have to make a blogging platform change because of it...or drop blogging altogether) but I haven't the energy to finish at the moment.

Anyway, although I'm annoyed by all of the above, I'm quite pleased with the outcome of tonight's baseball game. Poor Bourjos hurt himself last night running the bases, and they brought up a young prospect, Mike Trout. We are, of course, laughing...it's all about the fish. First, Tim Salmon, now a young Trout.

"What next?" the spouse wondered. "Minnow? Flounder?"

Anyway, Mr. Trout acquitted himself well, and I've officially gone from being shocked that ball players are my age (well, that was a few years ago) to ballplayers being 2 years older than my son. When did that happen?

And I'm also immensely pleased for said son who produced this like a rabbit out of his hat:

He took four AP courses this past academic year, one of which also counted for IB and he took an additional IB course. He further was the star of one theater production, and had a supporting role in a second, all the while helping to produce each monthly video newsmagazine for the school. In addition to his community service. And somehow finding time to play on the Xbox. While acting as mentor, confidant, friend, and tutor to a wide range of classmates and peers.

And he mows the lawn.

He's polite, well-socialized and people like him.

I have good reason to be proud.

Go listen to some good music: "Private Eyes" from the album Private Eyes by Hall & Oates. For those unfamiliar with the U.S. secondary school system, AP is Advanced Placement and IB is International Baccalaureate. Assuming the son completes all the requirements and does well his senior year, he will receive two diplomas: high school and IB. The AP classes should allow him waivers for some college classes, and he's already accrued college credit for his Calculus class, which was basically taking two years worth of Calculus in one. Sure, there are kids who do more, but I also force mine to have a life and cut him a little slack if he doesn't win a Nobel by 18.

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