01 June 2011

String Quartet #17 "The Hunt" in Bb, K 458

The daughter blithely gave me her cold, and somehow, I managed to get a nastier version, so I'm sitting here semi-conscious, eating yogurt (Brown Cow Cherry Vanilla--I highly recommend it, and no FTC, I don't get anything for saying so), listening to Mozart (way the hell too sprightly for the way I'm feeling), and thinking about saying something cogent.

Failing, I'm afraid.

Anyway, it's been damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead around here, not that that is new.

A few more weeks, and the school year will be wrapped up, which will be a blessing in more ways than one. There's news there, too.

We've seen PotC On Stranger Tides, and I seem to be the only one who felt it dragged on too long (1/2 an hour and three sword fights), and was lighter on zombie action than I'd anticipated (I like zombies, what can I say? I live with so many...). The mermaids were good.

Other things have happened. I don't necessarily remember what (that's the fever speaking).

I still have New York stuff to write. The Algonquin, perhaps. But I really need to go to bed.

After I make lunches, of course.

Go listen to some good music: "String Quartet #17 "The Hunt" in Bb, K 458" by Mozart, performed by the Emerson String Quartet. I was listening to KUSC while I was writing...hallucinating...whatever I've been doing today.

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