13 June 2011

No design for manicured living

We are in the inevitable last week wherein EVERYTHING is happening. Including my mother showing up tomorrow, despite my broad hints that a visitor isn't a good idea right now.

(Insert lengthy rant revolving around...oh, everything. S'ok, you really don't want to read all that stuff.)

On the funny side, the daughter got her salutatorian speech back with the criticism that the ending wasn't strong enough, and she was fussed so I added four sentences, and then she got it back with rave reviews, and she's mad that the part *I* wrote got the raves. Which is why I don't ever even read the kids' stuff. And they used to think I was mean for not helping them with editing.

(Amusingly--or not--one of her readers was an administration person whose grammar I had to correct... )

I just need to get through...well, Thursday, at the very least. By mid-day Sunday, I should really be back on track. And a week from today? As the son likes to say:


So there is that.

Go listen to some good music: "Ephemeral (This Is No Heaven)" from the album ...undone by Lucy Show. And thank god, the track dolly just got finished without loss of limb or anyone's foot getting drilled--yes, a project the son had to do for school! Have I mentioned I took woodshop...?

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