20 June 2011

The force goes into the flow

Tonight was a little about redemption.

The daughter is still wide-eyed--poor child. Of the many gifts I gave her, unfortunately one was my predilection to shyness--but for once I behaved like a normal human being. Third time is the charm.

Tonight was hard.

I had to sit--a lot--and I'm not accustomed to doing so. Every time I moved, pain shot out in bright sparks everywhere. The music tonight was almost alive, swirling with electricity. Zephyrs blew past, lifting my hair.

I had to sit--I didn't want to--and I tried to relax into the sound. Bass and drums filled my chest, became my new heartbeat. When I put my hand to my sternum, I could feel them there.

Tonight was precious. Always is.

Mine. All mine.

Go listen to some good music: "Marathon" from the album Power Windows by Rush. All mine.

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