21 June 2011

Don't panic

The daughter: "I couldn't even squeak out 'Hi!'"

Me: "I'm pretty sure I heard you say 'Hi.'"

The daughter: "My mouth opened and nothing came out. I squeaked. And you were just chatting with them."

Me: "I wasn't chatting..."

The daughter: "You were. Chatting! I was so envious. I was just standing there with a dumb smile and my eyes all huge."

Me: "I said, 'Hi.' 'Thank you.' and 'We will.' That isn't chatting."

The daughter, mournfully: "I was so envious."

Me: "And then, of course, Jack Black."

The daughter: "AUGH!"

The truth is, and I told her this, that in some cases, the gulf between 14 and 40 is pretty narrow.

Go listen to some good music: "Don't Panic" from the album Parachutes by Coldplay. So what happened? Seven years happened. Though 10 is maybe more significant. And 30 is back where it began. Mostly I'm ok with where I ended up.

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