06 June 2011

Bridge burning

...which is something I've sworn not to do. Yet.

But I'm coming up for air.

Stuff happens. Some stuff is looking up. Some stuff is looking bad.

(Sur-ger-y! Probably end of the summer. Unless a miracle occurs. Six months out, though, I'm probably out of that sort of miracle. And I'm better. Just not better enough.)

Ten days, the daughter officially becomes a high school student. She was named salutatorian of her class. The nostalgia is setting in a little. I am saying good-bye to people. I would like to go out on the high road.

(Your bridges are burning down...)

Then, in two weeks...

(She smiles. There are still some things that set my heart alight in the best possible way.)

And then maybe 10 days after that...

(Huge maybe. But maybe. Which is better than no. But only maybe.)

And on other fronts, about a year ago, I did some consulting work, and things happened, and things didn't happen, and things got shelved, and I shook my head and said, "It'll be back."

It's back.

(Can't help it. I love it when I'm that kind of right. It just makes me laugh. Whether it will have an impact on me...doesn't matter. Hierarchies. Yes, you can go look it up.)

And on an even different front...hmm. Maybe I'll keep quiet on that for the moment. Might be wise to do some investigating before I do any reporting.

(You're burning them down...)

Go listen to some good music: "Bridge Burning" from the album Wasting Light by Foo Fighters. Am I the only person who sees burning bridges as a rather joyous activity? Probably. I am so impatient. I want the old stuff done so I can embark on the new, and the new is so close I can taste it. And it's making me wildly happy.

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