03 May 2011

Chorale I (Za Ba Ma)

Unsurprisingly, it's been head down, nose to the grindstone, full speed ahead.

Sunday, as I was readying to go to the tea party, the phone rang. It was the spouse.

"What did you forget?" I sighed.

"I think I dropped my Blackberry in the cab," he told me. Thus ensued a frantic half-hour wherein I called his phone over and over, listening for a ring as I wandered the house and garage. I finally called the cab company and explained the dilemma to the dispatcher, who messaged the driver, who called me. As I spoke with the driver, I could hear, in the background, the spouse's phone merrily chiming away.

At this point, I entered a phase of intense negotiation with the driver as to how the thing would be returned. Multiple phone calls were made; hours passed. Day turned to night; there were more calls; night turned to day.

And finally, when everyone had despaired of ever seeing the stupid thing again, it made it home.

I hate stuff.

(and so saying, my iPhone arrived today. Not that I've had the energy to even open the box yet. I may never open the box, actually.)

In the midst of all this, the son is busy with AP and IB testing, whilst the daughter is embroiled in her school's standardized testing.

(standard issue parental rant eliminated. But honestly! When I went to school we did a few things besides taking tests all the time.)


The daughter is busily gearing up for a fundraiser she is running this weekend that will benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. The son did a similar fundraiser three years ago; you can read about it here. I'll be posting a link to her fundraising page later this week (I didn't with the son because such things make me feel weird, but it's a good cause), and local friends, you know where to go for lemonade (yes, with lemons from my tree) and baked goods (of course).

I very rarely post links to other blogs (possibly because I rarely have time to read other blogs), but photographer Kyle Cassidy wrote a really lovely and thought-provoking post about books and reading at his blog.

(Two people--three, if you count me--influenced the purchase of the iPhone sitting in a box on my entry table. His posts on and photography with an iPhone make him one of them.)

At her blog, Eden Kennedy is running a Mother's Day-themed contest and some of the comments are pretty hilarious. One of them is mine, and I dare you to figure out which one.

Yes, yes, I know I have another blog. It will be updated soon. Promise.

(iPhone. Remember?)

Alright, I'm outta here. Miles to go before I sleep and all that.

Go listen to some good music: "Chorale I (Za Ba Ma)" from the album The Journey: The Best of Adiemus by Adiemus. The first my family ever heard of Adiemus was in Kartchner Caverns, of all places. I thought the central conceit behind the music was interesting, and you find yourself singing along even though there aren't any words. This particular song became a family in joke because we inserted our own words around the sounds the singers were making. It wasn't obscene or anything, but at the moment, they might be considered topical. Which would be my entire comment on the topic.


Deb said...

iPhones bring PICTURES!!!

guerrilla girl said...

Yes, but iPhone also means losing my old voicemail messages: "Meet me at the Slip 'n Slide!"


(Yes, I am a dork and will take sentimentality over "progress.")