09 April 2011

You pushed with all your might

Mr. Wisdom Toothless requested (demanded is more like it) Chinese food. Neither the daughter nor I particularly care for it, but the deal I made with the daughter was that she could choose the next night's cuisine. So she agreed to some lettuce wraps and the son settled happily to consume his shrimp chow mein.

Tonight, she and I had the fortune cookies we'd skipped the previous evening.

"A short road trip to the north will bring happiness in your near future."

I sighed. What wouldn't I give?

A few weeks back, the daughter asked if we'd still be going to New York in May, saying she'd understand if we couldn't accomplish it. Still, I looked at her hopeful and expectant face...

A promise is a promise.

I try not to break promises.

So whatever the next MRI shows, whatever the surgeon says, my plan is to go. And I hope that nothing happens to spoil that plan.

Go listen to some good music: "Your Hands (Together)" from the album Together by The New P*rnographers. Well, now it's out there.

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