16 April 2011

Never try then you'll never know

"What are you doing?" the son asked, frowning, from the passenger seat. There is nothing quite like needing to get a kid to school at 8 am on a Saturday.

"Something I haven't done in about 11 years," I told him grimly, turning right. "Hang on to your butt."

Then I hit the accelerator.

Fifteen minutes later, I pulled into the parking lot of his school.

"I think you should get out and walk around for a minute," the son told me while waving to his drama teacher who was balancing boxes of doughnuts.

"I'm fine. Have a good time, and we'll see you this afternoon," I told him, surreptiously flexing my foot. My leg is working much better. My foot didn't get stuck under the brake pedal once.

"Mom...," he said.

"You have theater practice. Go have doughnuts with Mr. Y."


"Get out of my car so I can go home!" I told him impatiently. With love.

He complied and watched until I drove out of the parking lot. I lost sight of him then, and headed back to I-5 and home.

Go listen to some good music: "Speed of Sound" from the album X&Y by Coldplay. I'm still drowning in paperwork, but many things seem to be coming together and I'm pleased.

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