21 April 2011

Let the word out. I've got to get out

Spinal surgeon: follow up as necessary.

Physical therapy: discharge.

The spinal surgeon's exact words: I don't see a need to rush into surgery at this time.

My exact words: Works for me!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Leaves the door open for surgery.

[roll eyes]

Only if there's a setback. For at least the last six weeks, it's all been forward progress. And when things decided to start resolving, they started resolving with some speed. Though maybe not quite as fast as everything went downhill.

But oh, I'm feeling better now.

Go listen to some good music: "Better Now" from the album Youth by Collective Soul. And now, back to my regularly scheduled life, mostly. Okay, yes, I still have pain; yes, I still have numbness; yes, I still have weakness, but...better. And yes, I need to clean the camera sensor so I can resume photography for my other blog. And yes! Travel is on my agenda.

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