30 March 2011

Stay with me, go places

For now, I am not going places. We know that.

For now.

Once more. With feeling.

For now.

I am in a slightly unaccountably good mood. A really good mood.

Possibly because I got through an hour on the bike with few twinges. Possibly because I walked a mile with no (almost) staggering and lurching.

(It was only a little.)

Possibly because my knee has only buckled (and it was slight) once.

Possibly because it's spring, and the morning was beautiful. And I spotted the woodpecker again. It's been hard at work.

Possibly because it's possible.

Here's the mutiny I promised you.

Go listen to some good music: "Go Places" and "Mutiny, I Promise You" from the album Challengers by The New P*rnographers. Anywhere but here. Not possible. But soon, I think. Also, evidently, I've been really ambiguous. Here's the answer to that question: ruptured disc at L2-3 Christmas night. Catastrophic. All the goo went immediately into my spinal canal. Two rather important nerves are badly compromised, so I've lost partial use of my right leg. Very exciting. And no, in fact, most people wouldn't have gone to play in the snow in Sequoia in the wake of that. I'm not most people, for better or worse.

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