25 March 2011

The one that just says wrong

For whatever reason, everyone was up running around at 1:40 am this morning, although it had been lights out by 11 pm. It was a bit of a topic of conversation at breakfast.

Me: "I was dreaming that we'd hired roofers and they showed up at 2 am in the rain to start tearing the old roof off. One of the guys was Isaiah Mustafa.

The spouse: "Who?"

Me: "The Old Spice guy."

The daughter perked up. We watch the Old Spice ads together, giggling wildly. I'm sure the daughter giggles because The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is certifiably gorgeous. While acknowledging that he's very easy on the eyes, I love the humor.

The spouse: "Oh him. So you just invited him right in, I take it?"

Me: "NO! I was too busy trying to figure out how to explain to the neighbors why our house was being re-roofed at 2 am! In the rain!"

The spouse: "So more, 'You may be Isaiah Mustafa but what the hell are you doing on my roof at 2 am?"

Me: "In the rain."

The spouse: "'Get off my roof?'"

Me, sighing: "Dude. How many years have you known me?"

Go listen to some good music: "Disaster Button" from the album A Hundred Million Suns by Snow Patrol. Yes, in point of fact, we need a new roof. Yes, it is raining. And were Mr. Mustafa to visit, I'd let him hang out on the roof, if he promised to never stop talking. And that would be a first.

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