10 February 2011

What's your name?

The daughter: "Did you ever know anyone named Bob?"

I frown at her over my forkful of salad: "I think half the boys I grew up with were named Bob."

The daughter: "People always say that..."

Me: "Well, there was Bob L., who I knew from first grade all through high school, and Bob D. and Bob, my friend AR's boyfriend, as well as Bob in our neighborhood."

The daughter, meditatively: "Oh...yeah. Well, what about Nancy? Was anyone named Nancy?"

Me: "Two girls in my grade school, one in high school. Look, why are you asking me this?"

The daughter: "What were other popular names?

Me: "Mmm. Mike, Scott, Rick, Andy. I knew tons of Andys. Chris..."

The daughter: "What about girls names?"

Me: "Susan or Suzanne. Mary. Liz. Debbie. Laura."

The daughter: "What do you think is the most popular name now?"

Me: "I don't know. Some of your friends have fairly...unusual... names."

The daughter: "M. said she was named after a magazine."

Me: "She...what? The magazine?"

The daughter: "Maybe she was kidding."

Me: "She's lucky she wasn't named 'Ladies Home Journal.' 'Redbook.' 'Cosmopolitan.'"

The daughter: "Mommy! Stop. Why did you give me my name?"

Ah. The daughter is known to be disturbed by the very old-fashioned quality of her name. Even more that it is impossible to obtain personalized souvenirs with her name on them.

Me: "You know it's a family name. We liked it."

The daughter, sighing: "I know."

Me: "Well, you can always change it."

She shoots me a look and replies sternly, "Mommy."

And she returns to her chicken sandwich without missing a beat.

Go listen to some good music: "Fame" from the album Best of Bowie by David Bowie. Someday, she will appreciate that her name is uncommon.


ladydayton said...

I was named after my grandmother, Lena, it is older and uncommon. I can never find it on anything personalized. I love it though!

guerrilla girl said...

Lena is a lovely name. The daughter was actually named for her grandmother, too, though we used her grandmother's middle name. And we could have given her the German grandmother's name, which would have been cause for complaint!

ladydayton said...

Thank you. I really do like my name. I'm sure she would have found a way to make the German grandmother's name work for herself. Although she may have been very unhappy about it. Haha.