07 February 2011

What's the weight of the world worth

"How can you have so much damage?" my brother asked and I could hear his confusion. "That's like...combat trauma."

"No one has figured that out yet," I told him. There is a lot I tend not to say. Like mentioning that I'm a systemic disaster.

"Are you one of those people who travels to other dimensions while they're sleeping?" he asked whimsically. "You know, to fight crime or something?"

I laughed out loud.

"Just tell everyone it was a skydiving accident," the spouse quipped.

"Except everyone knows I won't get on a plane," I groused.

"You could tell people that it happened when you were running with the bulls at Pamplona," the woman who does my hair suggested Saturday.

"They'd believe that," I replied grimly.

"That's the best part!" she crowed.

The cat is slung across my lap, brave in his yellow bandage. He breathes quietly, paw quivering with a dream, and he shifts with a sigh. This morning, he jumped on the bed, and ran up to nestle himself under my arm, purring violently and kneading like a kitten.

He has decided not to leave quite yet.

He's thin, so terribly thin, but he's eating on his own, and I give him a boost with extra feedings through his tube. But today, the vet decided the tube could come out. He's regained 5 oz. since last Wednesday.

The final diagnosis: bowel obstruction with the added complications of fatty liver disease and pancreatitis. The fatty liver disease and pancreatitis were both spurred by the obstruction. What happened to him happens to 5-10% of cats with this problem. Like me, he is the exception rather than the rule. Briefly, the vet thought the complication was lymphoma. Had it been, that would have been the end. As it was the other two were almost the end, but with all our combined efforts, it looks like he will live to purr and bound and hack up hairballs another day.

Probably, I will live to kayak again in frigid waters, hike another mountain in another country, get on another airplane.

Even if I don't jump out of it.

Go listen to some good music: "Mutiny, I Promise You" from the album Challengers by The New P*rnographers. Yup, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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