01 February 2011

...life spins into a frenzy

Just when I'd established a quiet and calm routine with feeding the cat through his tube every three hours in between everything else I need to do throughout the day, he suddenly decided he needed to rip the thing out of his neck. As it was 8:30 pm, this required a trip to the animal emergency room. An infection (surprise!).

When we got him home, he got very mouthy and yelled, "GAO!" So I gave him gao (it's his wet cat food). Nope. Didn't want that (surprise! He's eaten about 20 kibbles voluntarily in the last three weeks). So I put some tuna down for him.

And he ate it. SURPRISE.

At least some of it. It's a start.

How the hell did it get to be February?

Go listen to some good music: "Twilight Zone" from the album Cut by Golden Earring. Why am I writing about this? Because this is my life at present! Also I don't have time to write. Also, too tired.

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