08 January 2011

Wild world

We took the daughter to a high school open house today; we are finalizing applications and this is the place she really hopes to attend next year. It was informative and felt sort of adventurous, and I think the daughter is both excited and terrified at the prospect.

Everything seems to be happening today, a strange confluence of events and collisions: a party, a photography show I wanted to see, the son returning from NOLA, a Pentathlon scrimmage that conflicted with the high school open house.

We finally got home this afternoon, and I collapsed on the sofa with the daughter. Uncharacteristically, I flipped on the TV.

A face from my childhood on CNN. He is now, and has been for some years, Pima County sheriff. He and his family were friends of our family for many years; three of his daughters were at high school with me. We had sleepovers and barbecues. When I grew up there, Tucson was a small place. I knew the mayor, most of the police department, various city officials. I had dinner several times with the man who not long afterward would become a U.S. senator; his daughter and I were taking a babysitting class together. No one blinked at any of this, or even really thought twice about it. Everyone knew everyone else. It was a very small pond.

After blinking, and saying to the daughter, "Wow, I know him," what he was saying sunk in.

What a terrible day for Tucson. The human race loses again.

Go listen to some good music: "Wild World" from the album Tea for the Tillerman by Cat Stevens. If you've read here long, you're aware that I'm not affiliated with any political party, and that I find party politics largely reprehensible. This country is deeply mired in trouble and has more problems than solutions. What happened today is not the answer to any problem, setting aside the question of the gunman's agenda and mental health.

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