25 January 2011

Strange magic

I've still got magic in my fingertips.

(Or sheer force of will. Call it what you may.)

Some days it takes very little to make me happy.

(It wasn't exactly little. But on the face it, wonderful. Shift from inertia to action. All of my energy has gone to fixing, leaving very little for the extras. My spirit needed fixing, though, and this, of course, did.)

Whatever it takes, I will be well by June. Five months, or slightly less. I probably won't be called upon to jump out of a helicopter.


I may have to be largely still. But I will be there.


Go listen to some good music: "Strange Magic" from the album Face the Music by Electric Light Orchestra.


Deb said...

Did this involve tickets by any chance?

guerrilla girl said...

{produces best "who, me?" expression}