09 January 2011


This whole pill thing really goes against the grain. I don't take medicine! Worse, all the pills have to be taken with food. Which, you know could be great, except the steroid dose pack is making me sick to my stomach. So, eat much? Blargh.

(And it's funny, I just had a pear and some Stilton. Nom, right? Actually, right. But I ate the pear and the cheese because it's time for bedtime and meds, and I finished the pear and the cheese and went about my business, and suddenly my brain kicked in and yelled, "IDIOT. You ate so you could take the pills. So, TAKE THE PILLS!" Oh, yeah, pills. And now, I have to write fast before the narcotics kick in. And there are still lunches to be made...)

Anyway, I've had trouble eating since this whole fiasco began. There's something about the blowtorch effect of nerve pain that sort of dulls one's appetite. Which is something of a cosmic shrug in my book. I weigh what I'm supposed to, so I'm not looking to lose weight but a few missing pounds won't hurt me, either. What's really difficult is that it's making it tough to plan and cook meals. I have no real enthusiasm for that task at the moment, so last week, there was spaghetti, then sandwiches, then a ham and turkey pie made with leftovers, and macaroni and cheese. This week is looking like--well, whatever it was looking like just scuttled straight out of my brain. You see what I'm facing here?

Didn't I say I have to make lunches?

Anyway, this is making my life exceedingly boring. I can't exercise (yeah, half hour of light weights today, anyway. I mean, honestly), I don't want to eat, I can't sit for long...I've taken the opportunity to catch up on movies (An Education, Italian for Beginners, Greenberg. I swear I've written all this already...and did I mention that I'm finally seeing all the commercials my family is always talking about. Slam Chop, or whatever it's called. Medicare scams R Us. Take this little pill. If you took that little pill and have experienced death, call us for a free legal consultation. I mean, really?)

I know I said something about lunches. Best quit while I'm ahead...

Heh. I'm back. I wandered off to finish the final formatting, somehow got involved in reading old posts, forgot what I was doing...

Right. Lunches.

Go listen to some good music: "Pills" from the album 20th Century Masters - Millenium Collection: The Best of the New York Dolls by The New York Dolls. And, yay! The nausea has started up right on schedule!

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