07 January 2011

It's alright...

Without going into too much detail, this has not been a great couple of days. Okay, not a great couple of weeks.


Nevermind. Really, I'm so grateful to those of you who've kept me close whether you knew what I've been going through or not; you've lifted my spirits immeasurably: Mrs. D, who told my daughter her mother is "awesome" and she wished there were 30 or so more of me around (I laughed. No one has ever wanted more of me.); C. who just told me she'd really missed me passing books on to her; Dr. T, DJC, and the spouse who went to bat for me in a major way today, whether we're successful or not; D. who is appreciative of whatever I send her, even if it's some bizarre grain she's never heard of; AT who is more worried about me than I am; Mrs. K. and Dr. W who gracefully took care of an issue that was preying on my mind; everyone who entertains me, whether you know I'm listening, watching and reading, or not.

I keep very much to myself, particularly at times like this, and I believe that goodwill comes from others because they are kind people. It never really occurs to me that sometimes that goodwill is really very personal. Thank you, you darlings who populate my world, for being there in so many capacities.

Go listen to some good music: "Here Comes the Sun" from the album Abbey Road by the Beatles. Really awful day with some really awful news (and a little good news), but I've got some really awesome people.

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