19 December 2010

I'm collecting vinyl

And looking for a neutral subject on which to blog.

(I'm gonna DJ at the end of the world!)


I'm not a mommy blogger, so I know you're not here to read about vomiting kids. (I was lucky. It was just the one, but gods! She was sick. And I was disinfecting the bathroom for days. Okay, 'nough about that.)

I'm not a mommy blogger, so I know you're not here to read about the politics of mommies and schools and school parties. (I was not lucky there. I was not fit for human consumption Friday. I think I probably owe a half dozen people apologies, though I mostly managed to confine myself to looking furious and not actually saying anything. I think. Okay, 'nough about that. But DAMN.)

(She'd like a lover's wings to fly on...)


I don't write about health issues, so I'm going to fail to mention that the muscles in my back are in spasm, and it's hard to sit down. Or lie down. Or stand up.

(I could have kept my head down. I might have kept my mouth shut.)

There. That brings you up to date.

Go listen to some good music: "I'm Gonna DJ" from the album Accelerate by REM. It's all good. Mostly. Okay, the muscle spasms not so much. Been there, done that. Once they went into spasm when I was standing on a roof, so this looks like Easy Street. It, too, will pass. Probably.

Okay, real blog post tomorrow. Maybe.

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