01 December 2010

Have we got contact?

Administrative stuff:

This is my blog and it's run by Blogger's TOS and it's governed by my rules.

I have one very big rule:

Play nice.

Spam is not nice. I moderate comments so spam comments never make it on board, and now I'm seeing what looks like spam followers. And evidently, spam followers can email my real followers with spam. That is not nice. So if I think you are a spam follower, you are blocked. Simple as that. If I've blocked you and you are a real person with a real interest in my blog (why?), please email me and I will reinstate you (Rule #2: Play fair). Real people: if you get spam email from anyone listed as following me, please email me and I will block that follower.

Are we all clear on this? Good. Because that brings us to rule #3:

Do not annoy me.

Go listen to some good music: "Contact" by The Police from the album Regatta de Blanc.

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