11 December 2010

Coming out the woodwork...

Like childbirth, one forgets the process of home renovation. There is so much pain before getting to the end result.

Installing the refrigerator was a week long ordeal. The refrigerator came and visited three times before it finally was bolted into its space. Construction was required.

It was ridiculous.

The window installers didn't make it Friday.

"Tomorrow?" the woman in the front office said hopefully yesterday. "Between 11 and 1?"

"Sure," I told her, swiftly calculating. The son was having a passel of classmates over to work on a final project for a class. They were due to arrive between 1 and 2...so the installers should be gone or close to gone.

And I still had to make a shopping run (for ingredients...didn't really have a refrigerator for a week) before assembling the dessert I am supposed to take to a party (yes, assembly required).

I washed up the new fridge and stocked it with what little was left from the week last night.

I went to bed pretty early. I actually slept for the first time in a week.

The spouse was meant to go for a massage at 9:30 in the morning. At 9:15 I ran out the door for a fast shopping trip.

At 9:30, my cell phone began vibrating madly in my pocket while I was perusing chocolate sprinkles in the baking aisle. I gasped loudly in surprise, and the man standing next to me looked at me like I was mad.

"They're here," the spouse said. "The window installers. I need to leave."

I ran for the check out. We'll draw a discreet veil over the wacky people who were in front me.

I got home and shooed the spouse out the door.

The window is in.

The cake is baking.

The pudding is cooling.

Labor, for the moment, is done.

Tomorrow is *sigh* another day.

Go listen to some good music: "Home by the Sea" from the album Genesis by Genesis. I know it's about a haunted house. But aren't all houses at least a little haunted, if only by the ghost of past bad renovations and horrendous contractors? Oh, the stories I could tell. Make your hair stand on end.

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