01 November 2010

You're mine, mine

The problem with an endeavor like this is the danger of repetition. There is plenty in my life that is repetitious: a seemingly endless cycle of taking kids, grocery, exercise bike, cooking, work, bills, gardening, getting kids, their school stuff.

Lather rinse repeat.

And again.

I spend a lot of time out and about, though not as out or about as I'd always like. Hence, I make forays. I run away to places. Unexpected places. Places that look like whim.

But they aren't.

So what do I do here in the moments of silence? I can't always write what wanders through my head. Bits of novel plot (yes, NaNoWriMo. Again.). Bits of outrage. Bits of life plotting. Lots of boring stuff. Lots of stuff that isn't appropriate source material.

So how about a recipe for applesauce cake?

That's what I thought.

I decided not to do NaBloPoMo on this blog this year, but I will be posting daily at The Other Blog. And since I have a finite store of photos at hand, that is going to mean I have to get out (somehow) and take more.


(Stop laughing. Yes, I know it's November. And that my mother will be here in a mere two weeks.)

I had a good summer.

Black holes? Check.

Revelations? Check.

The road is lit only by fire and I am all charged up and ready to go but...

There's always a "but."

The "but" is that I need to practice patience (I am not patient).

There is another caveat, though, another "but." It's rather better. I may have to wait, but if I've learned anything in the last few years, I've learned what I've got.

And it's mine. All mine.

Go listen to some good music: "Your Hands (Together)" from the album Together, by The New P*rnographers. Am I happy? Yup. You should be, too.

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