19 November 2010

You can only cover so much territory, of course

But I don't do such a bad job.

There are days when it doesn't take much for my mood to do a 180. This morning was just such an example, and I felt a great deal more cheerful embarking on a multi-mile hike, and even managed to get the gutters cleaned out before this weekend's Weather Armageddon (aka STORMWATCH!). A friend of mine saw me charging up the hill and called me later, wondering aloud if "that grin on your face means something."

Naturally it does.

It means I will get through the weekend (and STORMWATCH!), as well as next week (lists upon lists of groceries notwithstanding), and probably the quasi dead zone that is the early part of the year (the son in NOLA notwithstanding. My quest to encourage them to devote some of their time to service to others has him off to build houses there, my nervousness about it notwithstanding). I had vague plans regarding the first quarter of 2011, and I'm seeing things maybe firming up a bit.

My need to shake things up notwithstanding.

I will get through the weekend, and Thursday, and December. It stands to reason that the next few months may be massive, particularly if the cycle of three years ago is an indication.

I can't stop thinking big.

Go listen to some good music: "Your Hands (Together)" from the album Together by The New P*rnographers. I wasn't kidding about the tired part last night. After the gutters, I showered and fed my mother lunch and collapsed on the couch and slept for at least an hour. Unheard of for me.

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