23 November 2010

Oranges and lemons (2010)

Mincemeat is simmering on the back of the cook top and it smells like the holidays. It makes me very explicably happy. The son and I made it together this year; I had him washing and coring and slicing the apples while I zested citrus and processed fruit and added stuff. Then he stirred the resultant brew. Now it is just cooking. And smelling delicious.

(There is a photo here at When All This Actual Life Played Out. If you wondered what homemade mincemeat looks like.)

It's a bit amusing to see that I posted the recipe for this stuff a year ago today. I don't know why things like that amuse me. Congruence.

And today, the window man came and measured and gave me an estimate and I ordered. Another step in the right direction, I hope. I have the bathroom designer and I'm looking for the contractor and I'm choosing fixtures.

Would that I had a magic wand or could just snap my fingers.

But I'm happy nonetheless.

Go sing a nursery rhyme: "Oranges and Lemons" is a traditional English nursery rhyme.

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