02 November 2010

I trust I can rely on your vote

Seriously? That's the best slate of candidates you can come up with?

It's an INSULT.

I've been voting since I became eligible to vote in the 1980s. I've missed exactly one election, a minor one, right after the son was born. And I voted today. Except that every single one of the candidates I voted for was a write in. And if you know how California voting machines operate, you know that writing in that many candidates was a labor of love. You have to dial in every single letter. I know some people with extraordinarily long names.

(I voted for myself for Controller. I know what the actual job is, but I did if for the title alone. If the title fits...)

I've let my contempt for particular candidates show in this way in the past: writing in my dead dog for someone particularly egregious, for example. This, however, is the first time that I've come up with my very own ballot. And I crafted it with some care: a successful business woman with loads of accounting experience was my vote for Treasurer. Another friend who is extremely no-nonsense and very well organized was my pick for Superintendent of Schools. She'd do a far better job than the idiots who've been in there, wasting everyone's time and money.

I believe in the process although I've long been quite convinced that it's pretty well broken. I don't believe in political parties, and it makes me mad as hell that two self-serving groups like the Democrats and Republicans have a stranglehold not only on the process but the government.

I know an awful lot of people who aren't voting today out of disgust or apathy. Fine. Whatever floats your boat. But I've been given the right to use my voice, and while mine may be the one no one in government wants to hear, I'm using it anyway:

You may be on the ballot, but I don't have to vote for you.

Go listen to some good music: "Electioneering" from the album Ok Computer, by Radiohead. Am I still happy? Yup.

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