19 October 2010

Slow down

Gemini: Tuesday, Oct 19th, 2010 -- You aren't easily pulled off course today because you know what others need and are willing to adapt without losing sight of your own goals. Unfortunately, your desire to make everything work smoothly might be misunderstood. Don't waste time explaining yourself if anyone suggests that you are weak because you are so flexible. Just bend in the breeze while holding on to your position with confidence.

I guess that sums it up.

I awoke to thunder and rain. We've had a strange little autumn so far with several showery days. I must say I like it, even though I had to venture out and charge around to what sounded like heavy artillery from Pendleton.

(The news warns us when they're firing the big guns down south. You can occasionally hear a crack or feel a shudder.)

It was rather perfect Halloween weather, and all day the gray gloom and showers and thunder seemed like the background for a scary movie. The only thing scary, though, was trying to find construction paper that met the Spanish teacher's exacting specifications. Three stores later, success.

I've had a strange craving for deli. The sort of deli you can only get at a deli, not the misnamed, ubiquitous sandwiches sold by every grocery. I miss the deli from my childhood: owned by a curmudgeonly old man who seemed to hate kids, but still sold us halvah and rock candy. The butcher was a dear man, and the smell of the pastrami he would lavish on sandwiches... But hands down, the best thing about the place was the half-sours. They made their own, and they were bright green and crunchy: the Platonic form of the pickle. That's the thing I really miss.

I sense a field trip in the offing.

But for now, attention to getting to the next day, avoiding the obstacles and moving forward. Sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

And it's going to rain again tomorrow, which is good.

Go listen to some good music: "Moves" from the album Together by The New P*rnographers. A better day. Sometimes the progress is slow, but it's still forward.

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