25 October 2010

She's got pretty persuasion

There are days...

(Did you think Pollyanna is my default setting? No, you know better.)

There are days. And this is one of them.

(The son just texted me to tell me that he was nominated for Homecoming Prince today--Prince? Not King? How about Emperor? Have I ever confessed publicly that I was nominated for Homecoming Queen? I withdrew my name... I was sure someone was doing it to embarrass me. Now that IS my default setting.)

J. and I are both sort of take-charge mothers, which is good because there is a significant lack of leadership in the daughter's class. This is how I've ended up being a room mother for like...I don't know...7 years (and I keep trying to withdraw my name!). Last week, I was at the parent-teacher conferences, and I asked the homeroom teacher what was going on with the party that is supposed to be held this Friday because I'd been asked to help room parent again this year, and I'd heard nothing from anyone about anything.

And of course, she didn't know.

Somehow, I missed a significant piece of paper at the beginning the year which more or less announced the take over of the room parenting stuff by the parent association. I'm not overly fond of the parent association as they tend to operate like a secret government. And this despite the fact that I'm friendly with the president of said secret government parent association since his daughter is one of my daughter's closest friends.

So J. and I--separately and in tandem--are trying to get more information about what and where and why and most importantly, who is planning to pay for this stuff since J. was told by the parent association not to collect funds for the parties. The intrigue, for crying out loud. Over parties for schoolchildren.

Then J. told me that the parent association has decided that the entire junior high will party together, which J. and I know from experience is A Very Bad Idea. The classes do not mingle because they are mostly segregated by grade, and therefore they do not know each other, and do not wish to mingle. At a party where everyone is forced to mingle, no one has fun.

"Alright," I said during one of our four phone conversations today, "I think we go rogue, collect the funds we need, plan a party for our kids and parent association can do whatever they want with everyone else."

And J. laughed so hard...

Go listen to some good music: "Pretty Persuasion" from the album Reckoning by REM. Ok. Seriously. This is a kids' party: a tray of cupcakes, a couple of bags of chips and some juice or water, maybe some Halloween music, a few decorations. All the kids want to do is hang out after their costume parade. THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY. And further, no, as a room parent, I'm not helping out with the parent association's initiatives. If I wanted to be part of the parent association, I would have joined the parent association.

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