23 October 2010

I bought it on eBay

We have elections coming up here. Some of my more amazing choices:

Carly "I got fired from HP, so let me finish sinking California next!" Fiorina vs. Barbara Boxer (let's see, she's been in government for 20 years. What exactly has she done?) for Senate.

Meg eBay "I didn't know she was an illegal alien" Whitman vs. Former Governor Moonbeam Brown for Governor. And people thought the Governator was bad.

The Public Policy Institute of California has noted that residents of California aren't happy with the choices offered them for governor. What a big surprise! And people in California are distrustful of the government. They no longer like political parties (I haven't belonged to one in over 20 years, but evidently, everyone else just recently discovered that was an option), including the Lowest-Common-Denominator party, aka the "Tea" party.

And remember: I'll vote. I always vote. Not that I'll vote for the available livestock.

Go listen to some music: "I Bought It on eBay" by Weird Al Yankovic. I've been disgusted by the political process for a long time. When politics becomes an industry, largely run by TV, what does it have to do with governing?

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