06 October 2010

The hourglass fills with sand...

Survived migraine: check.

Averted cluster headache: maybe.

It's raining: !

For days: !!

Got through the bad part of last week: yes. Thank you.

Got through the spouse's trip out of town: sleeplessness, movies, and potatoes. I have never seen my children consume so many potatoes in so many different forms. I have no idea why they required all those potatoes...

Watched: Syriana (the son and I), Sleepy Hollow (the son and daughter), Where the Wild Things Are (the daughter and I), Sweeney Todd (the daughter--who likes both Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, obviously), the end of Up in the Air (all of us, again, all hating on Vera Farmiga's character, again, who we agreed is very much not the adult she claims to be).

Discovered: During a party this weekend, I was told by a parent from across the street that I am "the highlight of the morning." *sigh* This one is clearly not going away anytime soon.

Also discovered: Via a little bird, the high school reunion committee is looking for me. I am officially LOST! Which officially thrills me. Now, if my college would lose me, too...

Most likely: the son was the only person on Earth eating a tandoori chicken hoagie made by yours truly for lunch.

Most unlikely: something in the garage shorted out (eek. I cannot abide electrical problems), the spouse broke a coffee mug, I dropped a five pound bag of sugar (cleaning up sugar is a nightmare of no small proportion), but I still managed to serve mojo-marinated pork roast, cilantro rice, spinach and gingerbread upside down cake on time.

Bizarre: The son went to the DMV to get his permit, and no sooner did he get to the window then the power went out. Back to square one.

Sad: three days worth of mail requires my attention.

Sadder still: both children are making up medical conditions that require my attention. The son has decided his wisdom tooth is growing into his ear. Unwise son.

Headache: yup, still there.

Go listen to some music: "Sing Me Spanish Techno" from the album Twin Cinema by The New P*rnographers.

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