03 September 2010


I'll grant you, it's only the Waterloo of the week, not my life. And I will further grant you that this is a first world problem. But for crying out loud!

Every school year, there is one teacher who requires the students to produce some arcane item that can only be located in Mongolia, requires special order, and is shipped via yak. This year it is a notebook, an incredibly special notebook that must meet precise specifications (black cover, produced by Mead, to these dimensions) and is not actually for sale anywhere. If I could wave my magic wand...


Then there is the textbook fiasco. Back when I was in high school in the Cretaceous, we had actual bookstores, on campus, that sold us our textbooks every year along with the odd pencil or pen. It was convenient, efficient, and cost effective--considerations that have long since been kicked to the curb in 2010.

(Where is my jetpack? My flying car? No, I have THE INTERNET!)

Anyway, the son's school, of course, so cutting edge, only uses these complete loser online textbook outfits (insert some form of scathing scatalogical commentary on their loser status that I am too incensed to even try to come up with) that charge me--no joke--$175.00 for a calculus textbook. The school sees fit to finally send me the kid's class list last week so I can order said textbooks. The textbook outfit doesn't even know what is in stock, and then UPS loses the order. And here we are, Friday night at the start of a long weekend, with me on the phone to UPS and UPS telling me I have to contact the shipper, who might, MIGHT, be back in the office on Tuesday. Meanwhile, my kid needs his calculus textbook. And do I have any recourse to finding him one besides through the loser online outfit?


And what about the notebook, only available in Mongolia via special order and shipped on yak back? Hell if I know!

Go listen to some good music: "Waterloo" from the album Waterloo by ABBA.

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