12 September 2010

Sunday bloody Sunday

Me: Terminator versus Predator...versus Alien.

The son: Versus Jaws.

The daughter: Versus Anaconda.

Me: Oh, good one! Versus Piranha.

Everybody yells in unison: 3-D!!!

The son: Versus Sonic the Hedgehog.

Me: 'Damn not here.' Okay, versus The People Under the Stairs.

Daughter dissolves into helpless laughter.

Me: Oh! I know. Pennywise the Clown versus Sergeant Johnson.

The son snorts into his plate.

The daughter in Sgt. Johnson voice: "Betta luck next time...chump!"

And that was just breakfast.

Go listen to some good music: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" from the album War by U2. When we do ridiculous, it goes to 11. Oh and yes, breakfast was pancakes and bacon.

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