19 August 2010

Zombie in the house

After a long, involved and horrid nightmare involving zombies (and believe me, zombies are a perfect metaphor for the day I had yesterday), I woke muzzy-headed and slightly miserable, somewhat unsure as to whether I was about to become dinner for the undead.

(Why I thought hiding between two bicycle racks was a good idea... And the zombie that was after me had a net. Since when did they get to use tools?)

I think my brain is still fighting the zombies. Or it may have turned into one.

I've got the son set up with some really bad movie dubbed into Spanish so that he can start the final assignment for AP/IB summer coursework, and I'm trying really hard not to listen because it's dreadful (a blue-ish David Hasselhoff is currently rolling around on the floor groaning). The son wanted to watch a remake of Night of the Living Dead in Spanish, but I nixed that idea since he has to produce a verbal commentary of what he's watched for the class.

I know. I'm so boring. But I've had enough zombies for this 24-hour period.

In fact, I'm so boring that I need to go hunt down some airline tickets.

And yeah, the place I'm going? Figured prominently in the movie Zombieland.

Wow, does my mind ever work in scary ways.

Go listen to some music: "Zombie in the House" from the album Zombieland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), music by David Sardy. This is the son's new favorite movie. Zombies? He loves 'em. Also, I'm not making up any part of this chain of events. In case you were wondering.

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