11 August 2010

Ocean of noise

You know what sort of day it's going to be when you have to check Google maps to see if the SWAT team has barricaded the roads you need to travel to run errands. The roads the SWAT team hasn't barricaded have been closed down by road construction and are the same major roads that are closed this time of year every year. And yes, I have to leave the house today because I won't have a car for the next two days and what I need to do requires a car.

Of course.

I'm sure the road construction is part of some asinine "stimulus" package. It's stimulating my ire for damn sure.

Meanwhile, the helicopters whirl happily overhead.

Go listen to some good music: "Ocean of Noise" from the album Neon Bible by Arcade Fire. You wonder why I'm in such a state? I wonder why I can't actually DO anything?

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