07 August 2010

The middle, pt. 2

Me, sitting in the dentist's chair, waiting to get my teeth cleaned: "Why are you limping?"

Dentist: "Oh, my hip hurts."

Me: "Getting old sucks."

Dentist, laughing: "Yeah! So, how's your health?"

Me, shrugging: "Fine, I guess."

Dentist, looking at blood pressure reading: "Well, your blood pressure is high today."

Me: "I spent the week upgrading the kids' computers to Windows 7, and had to find and rewrite a bunch of corrupt registry entries on the daughter's computer to fix her shell folders."

Dentist, after a brief silence: "Oh."

Me: "So, what is it?"

She holds up the monitor: 108/64.

I nod.

Dentist: "Your pulse is high, too."

I cock an eyebrow at her.

Dentist: "55."

Me: "Hmm."

Dentist: "Any medications?"

Me: "Ibuprofen."

Dentist: "What do you take it for?"

Me, with feeling: "Everything."

Dentist, nodding: "Me, too."

Go listen to some good music: "The Middle" from the album Jimmy Eat World by Jimmy Eat World. The dentist has known me for something close to 20 years. We went through our first pregnancies at the same time and our sons are 5 months apart in age; my daughter is about a year older than hers.

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